How to create a title block (drawing header)

You can use the standard title block supplied with ProfiCAD or create your own.

standard title block supplied with ProfiCAD

Title blocks (TB) are created using command File - New Title Block.

how to change logo in a title block

Use command File - Open Title Block to open a title block. Select the logo and delete it using key del. Insert your logo (command Insert - Image) and save the title block (Ctrl + S)

how to change a title block

You can edit existing TB by opening (File - Open Title Block) a file with .ptb extension. These files should be in the _TB folder in the symbol library.

TB is made up of graphical objects - lines, rectangles texts etc. It is possible to insert an image (for example with the company's logo). TB should be created symmetrically by the drawing area axis, similarly as symbols.

center objects


Texts can contain a placeholder part, which is replaced with the actual value of a variable. The placeholder part is demarcated by symbols { and }.

For example in text

Created by: {author}

the placeholder area will be replaced with the "author" item from the variables info.

The items that are different on each page need to be entered in panel Pages.

Title block can contain system variables automatically generated by the program.